Global Health Initiative Workshops

The Global Health Initiative will be hosting a series of dynamic workshops and events throughout the academic year. Workshops will explore challenges that face the global community, as well as our diverse Canadian society.

Participants of Global Health Initiative projects are required to attend all workshops. However, the workshops are also open to all UBC faculty members and students.

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September 27th 2021 (7-8 PM) - MSF Physician Speaker Series: What is Humanitarian Relief Medicine?
October 25th 2021 (7-8 PM) - MSF Physician Speaker Series: Life and medical practice in the field with real case discussion.
February 28th 2022 (6-7 PM) - Intro to Refugee Health
March 9th 2022 (7-8 PM) - From Parachutes to Partnerships: preparing for a global health experience as a trainee
April 13th 2022 (6-7 PM) - Ophthalmology and Global Health
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March 5th, 2017 - Pre-Departure Training (half-day)

February 20th, 2017 - International Women's Health

January 16th, 2017 - Refugee Health: Delivering Trauma Informed Care to Vulnerable Populations 

November 7th, 2016 - Needs Assessments & Ethical Dilemmas

October 3rd, 2016 -  Vision Village

September 12th, 2016 - GHI Recruitment Night


 Date  Workshop
 February 5, 2016  Vision Village
 January 26, 2016  Acute Disaster Relief
 November 24, 2015  Medical Equipment Donations Abroad
 September 29, 2015  Refugee Health
 September 28, 2015  GHI Recruitment Night
 April 14, 2015  Access to Essential Medicine
 February 17, 2015  Multi-Drug Resistant TB
 January 27, 2015  Acute Disaster Relief
 October 28, 2014  Ebola Outbreak
 October 8, 2014  Refugee Health
 October 1, 2014  Recruitment Night


Community Needs Assessment, Part 1 - January 6, 2011

Jane Buxton, Community Needs Assessment (ppt)

Community Needs Assessment (Program Evaluation Basics), Part 2 - January 27, 2011 - Derek Wilson

2011 01 27_GHI_Program Evaluation Basics - DW (pdf)

Tuberculosis - February 23, 2011, Dr. Cheryl McDermid

TB slides (pdf)

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