Climate and Environmental Health

Source: CDC – National Centre for Environmental Health

2019/2020 Team Leads: Raiya Suleman and Zev Dayan
Location:  N/A
Duration: throughout the year
Positions: 8-10 students
Faculty supervisor: Dr. Videsh Kapoor (and other consultants)

This is an opportunity for students to explore and research the health and environmental impacts of climate change, identify current guidelines and policy on climate health, locate and/or develop new tools for healthcare providers and community-level awareness, and better understand or join advocacy efforts for national and local policy on climate health.

Students can define their roles as future healthcare providers who will face many of the impacts of climate health in their careers.

Last year two students completed a literature review on health impacts of climate change and are in the process of submitting a manuscript to the BCMJ’s student page. If published, a link will be added to this page.

  1. Advocacy Project: use our research to advocate for increasing climate change education within the medical curriculum
  2. Projects to Enhance Sustainability within Healthcare
    1. Develop resources to help clinicians make their practices more environmentally friendly
    2. Create guidelines and educational opportunities for physicians to learn more about the impacts of climate change on health, especially in vulnerable populations
  3. GHI Workshops
    1. Host annual workshops for the GHI Workshop Program

Useful links:
CAPE - Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change

CFMS position paper on climate change and global health 2016