UBCMJ – Global Health Section

The UBC Medical Journal (UBCMJ) is an internationally recognized student-run academic journal with the goal of engaging students in a dialogue in medicine. It encourages both undergraduate and medical student submissions.

The Global Health Section deals with specific experiences or issues, which fit into the WHO definition of global health as “the health of populations in a global context that transcends the perspectives and concerns of individual nations.” Articles should reflect on current or historical issues of international relevance. Authors need not to have travelled overseas to publish an article in this section. Any review that relates to the aforementioned WHO definition is encouraged.

The UBCMJ provides an opportunity to:

  • Publish a commentary, a review or research in a peer-reviewed journal (including the research you are currently conducting at the CFRI and/or through the SSRP)
  • Learn about the submission and review process
  • Stimulate dialogue on medical issues that matter to you
  • Enhance your resume

Interested in submitting or reviewing the UBCMJ’s Global Health Section? For further information please visit the UBCMJ website.

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