Global Health Initiative

The Global Health Initiative (GHI) is a UBC student-led initiative involving students from a diverse range of backgrounds including Medicine, Dentistry, Arts, Science, Journalism, Engineering, Food and Nutritional Sciences, and Midwifery.  GHI seeks to enhance global health education and provide hands-on skills training to UBC students via a series of monthly skill-building workshops.  GHI also offers students the opportunity to participate in several global health projects in Uganda, India, Nepal, Kenya, Taiwan and Canada.

Further, GHI is working with faculty to develop core competencies and learning objectives that will be used to drive future curriculum development related to global health.  Many students involved with GHI are also carrying out research projects and publishing their findings.

Application Process:
  • Complete the GHI Application Form [UBC-Global-Health-Initiative-Application] and submit with your CV to
  • Application Deadline:  October  14, 2018
  • Interviews: October 27 & 28, 2018
  • All students must review the student participation requirements form and agree to its terms to be considered as a candidate.
  • Questions? Contact:
    • GHI Co-Chairs: Raiya Suleman & Hasrit Sidhu (
    • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Videsh Kapoor (



If you would like to make a gift to any of the GHI projects,

visit our Make a Gift Page.

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