Donations to the Division of Global Health help us reach our goal of building an understanding of global health challenges and working with communities-in-need.

Your gifts enable us to educate top students and pursue new knowledge and innovation to improve global health, creating leaders in our field, and giving faculty and students opportunities that, without your help, would not be possible. Our success is thanks to your generosity.

You will be helping our global health programs to advocate for and coordinate worldwide efforts to reduce health inequities, promote healthy communities, mitigate impacts of climate change and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, malnutrition, unsafe water and poor sanitation, environmental degradation, and other threats to health.

Your gift will help

  • Support student education through course and curriculum development ensuring we can attract the most talented students to study and research global health issues
  • Provide valuable field experience for students by providing funding for travel costs to new and existing international project sites
  • Fund community-driven collaborative projects and research that work towards achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and meeting the challenges facing our world today.

If you would like to make a donation or learn more about our programs, projects, and support for students, please contact Stephanie Huehn in our Development Office.  You can also give towards global health education development or the specific projects listed below by visiting our online giving form:


Thank you.

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