UBC Medical Journal

Assessment and Management of Anemia in a Population of Children Living in the Indian Himalayas: A Student-Led Initiative
Diala El-Zammar, Matthew Yan, Cindy Huang, Dianne Fang, Fiona Petigara, Luke Bornn, Tyler Ngai, Sanja Brkanovic, Jaspreet Khangura, Noah Alexander, Saelle Hendry, Jonathan Lubin, Christopher Wallis, Jason Ford, Videsh Kapoor
UBCMJ 2011 2(2):12-18. Download article (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Electronic Wastelands: Decomposing Computers and Communities Around the World
Kiran A. Massey, Jordan Eunson
UBCMJ 2010 2(1):30-32. Download article (PDF, 1,200 KB)

A Tale of Two Tiers: Inequality in South Africa’s Health Care System
Andrea Human
UBCMJ 2010 2(1):33. Download article (PDF, 520 KB)

BMC Health Services Research

Health Impact Assessment and Short-term Medical Missions:  A Methods Study to Evaluate Quality of Care.  Jesse Maki, Munirih Qualls, Benjamin White, Sharon Kleefield, Robert Crone;  The electronic version of this article is the complete one and can be found online at:

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