Planning and preparing for your global health elective or project is necessary to ensure a safe and fulfilling experience.  Even with adequate preparation, problems may occur.  Review the pre-departure checklist for students and residents to help you plan your elective/project and to find important information for travel health and safety.

Review the Student Abroad Participation Requirements for information regarding the UBC Faculty of Medicine policy on medical students traveling abroad.

For residents, review the Resident Education Abroad Policy Agreement.

Pre-departure training & Post-return debrief modules (CWL log-in required)

 Click here to access modules 

➡  Note:  These modules are now housed on the UBC Canvas online platform.  You must enroll in the course (located on the right margin) to begin.

Pre-departure training is mandatory for all MD Undergraduate Students who are participating in a global health project or elective.  A series of four modules have been prepared by UBC medical students and faculty to assist you in your preparation for your international project/elective and post-return debrief.  Anyone with a CWL log-in can access the modules.

Additional Useful Reading and Learning Modules

Language Tools

  • MediBabble – a smart phone app for medical translation;  provides useful phrases for medical history-taking and providing instructions
  • Google Translate – translate text in several languages

Travel Tools

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