Mission & Objectives


Strengthen the Faculty of Medicine’s role as part of a transforming force in global health at the University of British Columbia.


To provide opportunity, support, and guidance for education, research, and service activities, and demonstrate social accountability towards creating equity and reducing health disparities within our global community.

Key Priorities:


  • Standardize required curricula and competencies for global health for undergraduate and postgraduate Medicine.


  • Define criteria and conditions for student and faculty field placements in host institutions and service-learning programs and assist the Medical School in developing an ethical framework to guide international engagement and service.


  • Provide guidance and support to community-driven research agendas that focus on sustainable development in human resources and knowledge translation.
  • Promote and participate in research in global health education and the impacts of service learning, and conduct ongoing evaluation of the Division of Global Health, relating to participation and perceptions of students, faculty and residents in Global Health activities.


  • Internally, serve as a global health activity communications office in the Medical School in order to facilitate collaboration and promote a functional integration between allied health programs and other disciplines at UBC.
  • Externally, support and establish membership within a global partnership of universities engaging in global health promotion.
  • Support and celebrate the voice of the community as essential in all matters of health and its people will help direct all matters of service, research and engagement. In this sense, direct partnership with the community will help develop synergies around the determinants of health that generate the very disparities we aim to reduce.


  • Host a website to allow dissemination of resource tools, learning modules, links, conferences, and an international electives database and to provide a platform for sharing global health initiatives at UBC.