UBC Global Health Conference


Global Health Conference

Erick's Collage of GHC PhotosThe GHC is an annual event that had its greatly successful inauguration as a historic UBC Centennial Event on October 17, 2015.


The GHC aims to stimulate social discussion and generate new perspectives in the successes and challenges in global health. By encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative thinking we challenge our audience to critically appraise international aid and bring new perspectives to the field.

GHC at UBC 2015:

“How will you reinvent global health?”

This was the question posed by the Co-Master of Ceremonies, Erick Carreras, in the closing moments of the Opening Ceremonies to promote and engage active participation in the wondrous and novel day ahead for the conference attendees.

The program included talks by global leaders in their field, student highlighted projects presentations and poster presentations, a fireside panel of experts and students, and collectively each program item discussing the following diverse and seductive set of topics:

-3D Printing for personalized medicine

– Drone technology for medical supply delivery in remote settings

– The Art of Design for public health messages & user-friendly interfaces for medical supply labelling and smartphone “apps”

– Climate Change as the most threatening ecological determinant of health in our time

– Space Medicine for use across austere environments – both on Earth, and spaces beyond!

-Plus, much, more.

This was our first annual event. With a maximum capacity of 150 attendees, we sold out in just two-weeks’ time, and had large waitlists of deserving prospective delegates, presenters, and speakers. This showed to us the thirst that exists among the UBC Community to have this kind of conversation, continue it, and help make it grow. We look forward to helping make that happen with an even wider diversity of discussion topics, hosting engaging and activity oriented workshops, and a much larger capacity of attendees.

Details forthcoming in early January on our website @ ghcubc.com


Erick Carreras, BSc

Co-Chair | Director of Sponsorship

Organizing Committee | Global Health Conference 2015

Medical Undergraduate Society | University of British Columbia

2750 Heather Street, Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 4M2


Dr. Videsh Kapoor

Faculty Advisor, GHC