Ghana Medical Help Project

Project Title: Improving rural health infrastructure in northern Ghana
Project Description: Development of a pilot Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) at the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital to document medical equipment, maintenance records and all other ancillary activities related to medical equipment.
Goals: Support healthcare delivery in rural communities and improve health outcomes of patients through well managed health technology infrastructure.


  • Analysis of real-time inventory data, maintenance completion rates, medical equipment malfunction trends and decommissioning rates, to aid in capital planning and the overall decision making with capital resources (local, regional, national levels)
  • Increased medical equipment uptime and availability to support patient care
  • Identify quality improvement opportunities to improve best practices and standard of care
  • Establish a global network of peer biomedical engineers for shared learning and support
  • Gain a better understanding of how investing in rural health infrastructure in LMICs can translate to improved health outcomes and cost savings


  • Preliminary design of the CMMS with Ms. Access – completed
  • Acquisition of barcode printer and Gov’t approval of labels – completed
  • Asset tagging and data input, w/ completion of the inventory database – completed
  • Entering service information on repairs and maintenance activities; generation of reports and reviews – initiated
  • Create and utilize preventative maintenance schedule with agreed upon methodology for prioritization
  • Research and evaluation of project – *Opportunity for UBC Medical Student involvement in 2021/2022 Academic Year*

Future Directions:

  • Support the roll-out of the CMMS to 15 District Hospitals in the UER and UWR
  • Develop a web-based platform to integrate the data from standalone computers into a central repository
  • Support the adoption of this project by Ghana Health Services as a standardized national engineering program
  • Support the development of a standardized training program for new users

Broader Applications:

  • Lessons in how to effectively create training and infrastructure opportunities in rural and remote communities
  • Northern BC/Canada has similar disparities in health status, resource distribution, and infrastructure
  • Inform other global health workers/NGOs/local governments
  • Help reduce health inequities worldwide through disseminating project findings

Interested in getting involved? We are looking to on-board 1-2 medical students! Include a one-page letter
in your application stating why you think that you would be a good fit for this project.

Contact Dr Kelly Hadfield at for more information.