CFMS – Global Health Program

The Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) is the representative voice of Canadian medical students to the federal government, to the public, and to national medical organizations. The CFMS strives to provide representation, services and communication from its membership to the world at large. In response to a growing need for coordinated programming, advocacy and collaboration focusing specifically on global health issues, the CFMS Global Health Program (CFMS-GHP) was developed. The program is based on the following principles:

Vision: Recognizing that its members, as future physicians, are uniquely and strategically placed to promote the values of health equity and social responsibility, the CFMS-GHP will strive to empower students with all the tools they may need to grow as global health leaders and global citizens.

Mission: In the spirit of responsible and sensitive global collaboration, we will facilitate ethical global health education, advocacy, action and experiences through coordinated national programming.

The CFMS Global Health Program is led by national and local student representatives. Please click here to see the GHP Team.

In addition to creating global health opportunities locally, the CFMS-GHP offers students the opportunity to take part in research and clinical exchanges abroad.


UBC’s Past GHP Representation
2013 – 2014  
GHL Sr: Gilbert Lam –
GHL Jr: Golden Gao –
GHA: Alyssa Kim –
LOGHE: Alisha Zacharias –
LORSH: Michael Hsiao –
UBC’s Past GHP Representation
2012 – 2013  
GHL Sr: Jillian Fairley –
GHA: Kay Fung –
LOGHE: Robynn Geier –


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