GHI Workshop: Vision Village – Oct. 3rd 2016

IMG_9589Welcome back to school! The Global Health Initiative’s first exciting workshop of the school year will be creating a “Vision Village”. This workshop will be taking place on October 3rd, at 6 pm.

This workshop will be hosted by the GHI student leaders. They will be facilitating the workshop that gives students an opportunity to imagine and learn about our global heath through drawing and mapping on paper in groups. It also provides an opportunity for more deeply understanding advocacy, power struggles and collective action to uphold the dignity and respect we all seek. Our discussion will touch on themes of sustainable development, colonialism & hegemony, and autonomy vs. paternalism.


Date: Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Time: 6 pm (food will be served at 5:30pm)

Location: MSAC, Hardwick Hall 


Please RSVP by emailing:


VC connection – 5:30

Presentation start time – 6:00

VC connection ends – 7:30

Vancouver = MSAC’s Hardwick Hall

Victoria = RJH 223

Prince George = Not available due to scheduling conflicts. Please use WebEx/ phone In to access.

Kelowna = KGH 237

Students in distributed sites are responsible for arranging room access.

Please look up access contact for your room at:


WebEx =

Link becomes live when VC connects.  Enter name and email to access meeting via internet.

Info: Desktop(Windows and Mac)Guide, iOSMobileGuideAndroidGuideModeratorGuide


Phone In = 1-877-792-2770

Meeting ID  30311#

(Please mute phones when calling in, so room doesn’t hear background sounds.

Long distance charges covered by UBC Medicine, but please hang up when you are finished.)


For a complete list and schedule of the GHI workshops please visit: Global Health Initiative Workshops Page

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