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UBC Sickle Cell Project in Nepal

UBC Sickle Cell Project in Nepal

First year students from the UBC MD Undergraduate program have just started their Flexible Enhanced Learning program, a series of courses that offers undergraduate medical students opportunities to pursue a spectrum of scholarly activities.   Here is a first look at the team pursuing the Nepal Sickle Cell Project with the Global Health Initiative. Learn […]

My elective with the Institute for Indian Mother and Child. – by Anna Black

My elective with the Institute for Indian Mother and Child. – by Anna Black

I originally chose the IIMC because it was one of the few organizations that did not promote “volun-tourism”. Thirty-three hours later the humidity, noise, and smell of Kolkata hit me. My daily routine began at 5am when the neighbour’s chicken crowed. I would roll over and sleep another hour until the ice cream man’s yells competed with the conches that were blown at puja…

Collage: B Batchelor

Interview with a Canadian Doctor Working in Zimbabwe for 26 Years – ZimCanHealth Initiative 2017

Dr. Bret Batchelor, the Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS) GP, recently joined the ZimCanHealth Initiative Team 2017 and visited Karanda Mission Hospital in rural Zimbabwe. During this trip, he had the opportunity to work with and interview Dr. Paul Thistle, a Canadian OB/GYN who has worked in Zimbabwe for the past 26 years. The discussion was […]

RHI students following a presentation to refugees at MOSAIC on understanding the healthcare system.

Refugee Health Initiative — Updates from 1 year on

Submitted by Refugee Health Initiative Executive 2016-2017 (Adam Stich, Jasper Johar, and Yasmeen Mansoor)   Amidst the Syrian refugee crisis in May 2016, a cohort of medical students at UBC established the Refugee Health Initiative (RHI) to provide personalized support and empowerment to refugee families in the lower mainland of Vancouver. After a successful pilot […]

Unite for Sight: A Student’s Independent Global Health Project in Ghana

Unite for Sight: A Student’s Independent Global Health Project in Ghana

UBC students have a variety of opportunities to get involved in Global Health, including the Global Health Initiative and the CFMS Student Exchange Program. However, some students find their own independent path towards global health participation. Sanjeeva Rajapakse (MD 2019) reflects on his experiences in Ghana through the Yale Unite for Sight program.  With the end of first year […]

Members of the 2016 Spiti Team, including Shandel Riedlinger, Rebecca MacLean-Angus, Alex Mezei, Megan Shurey, and Colin Tan.

UBC Medical Students Share Their Global Health Experiences 2015/16

This past summer, over 30 first year students from the UBC Faculty of Medicine participated in Global Health Initiative projects across the globe. From conducting mental health workshops in Kenya to sickle cell disease education in Nepal and health screens at a boarding school in India, the work the students performed was as diverse as the locales they visited. One thing is […]

In the Right Direction: Soroti 2016

In the Right Direction: Soroti 2016

Written by Laura Kim, MD 2019 Even though we had just gotten a tour of the Soroti Regional Referral Hospital, the four of us stood on one of the hospital’s many walkways, each pointing in different directions: we were only a two-minute walk from our guesthouse, but none of us knew which direction that walk […]

The 2016 Nepal Sickle Cell Team: Eric Busto, Jordan Yeo, Bethanie Giang, Monica McKeown, Armaan Malhotra, Abhi Cherukupalli, Katie Stromgren, and Laura Halperin.

Shifting Focus: Nepal Sickle Cell 2016

Written by Monica McKeown, MD 2019 The one word that comes to mind when reflecting on our project this past year is “adaptable”. We went in with a concrete goal in mind: to continue the efforts of teams before us by screening members of the indigenous Tharu population in rural Nepal for sickle cell disease […]

The 2016 Uganda ACCESS team: Tahreen Mohamed, Kiran Rikhraj, Khalil Merali, and Brittany Boorman.

An Ever Changing Series of Events: Uganda ACCESS 2016

Written by Kiran Rikhraj, MD 2019 “What does it mean to engage in a Global Health experience?” This question was often posed to my 3 teammates and I during training sessions prior to our 5-week research trip to Uganda. Our answers often consisted of phrases such as “working with local health authorities, engaging with community […]

Peter Wang with students from Taiwan and UCLA.

A Comparison of Healthcare and Culture: Taiwan 2016

Written by Peter Wang, MD 2019 The focus of the GHI project in Taiwan is to connect medical students from Taiwan, Canada, and United States to share and exchange information about each countries’ health care system and medical education program. For a two-week duration, Canadian and American pre-med and medical students were brought to many […]