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Peter Wang with students from Taiwan and UCLA.

A Comparison of Healthcare and Culture: Taiwan 2016

Written by Peter Wang, MD 2019 The focus of the GHI project in Taiwan is to connect medical students from Taiwan, Canada, and United States to share and exchange information about each countries’ health care system and medical education program. For a two-week duration, Canadian and American pre-med and medical students were brought to many […]

Our GHI team (Alanna Roberts, Kate McWilliams, Lauren Kan & Kelly Leslie) plus some of our amazing partners from Kenya PCT (Partners in Community Transformation) at our first mental health workshop for Community Health Workers, where we taught them about psychosis, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

One Door at a Time: Kenya 2016

Written by Kelly Leslie, MD 2019 This year’s GHI Kenya team had an incredible experience in rural Kenya working with the community to increase awareness of mental illness and decrease stigma! In Kenya, GHI works in collaboration with Partners in Community Transformation (PCT), a local grassroots NGO located in the Kisumu region that is passionate […]

(L to R) Hamish Bodnar, Vanessa Montagliani, Cara McCulloch, Joyce Ching, Laura Bruulsema, Kia DullemondNot pictured: Jingfei Zhang

An Assault on the Senses: Health Trek Nepal 2016

Written by Kia Dullemond, MD 2019 Last summer, 7 UBC medical students went to Patan, Nepal, just outside Kathmandu. A brilliant assault on the senses, Nepal is a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Taking the lead on projects developed by previous iterations of Health Trek Nepal (HTN), we focused on two different […]

Members of the 2016 Spiti Team, including Shandel Riedlinger, Rebecca MacLean-Angus, Alex Mezei, Megan Shurey, and Colin Tan.

E is for Elephant: Spiti 2016

Written by Shandel Riedlinger, MD 2019 It was only after a 16-hour drive from Delhi to Manali, and half way through another 12-hour drive from Manali into the Spiti Valley, that I realized I was truly spending the next month in the middle of nowhere. The roads had become worse, turning from rough pavement to […]

GHI Workshop Gallery: Medical Equipment Donations Abroad – Nov. 24 2015

GHI Workshop Gallery: Medical Equipment Donations Abroad – Nov. 24 2015

Submitted and photos by Lisa Ying. On November 24th, 2016, the GHI workshop on Medical Equipment Donations Abroad was successfully held. Students were creating their own guidelines for donating medical equipment abroad. Presentation was led by the UBC Biomedical Engineering Student Team. For a complete list and schedule of the GHI workshops please visit: Global […]

(Front) Miles Marchand, Carolyn Bell, Nina Maerkl, Rose Shumiatcher, Quinn Harris, Clara Hong, Greta Joy, Gabrielle Quinlan
(Back) Tanner Chahley, Michael Gallea, Carson Gill, Noah Marchand (Miles Brother), Brendan Arnold

UBC Med 2018 Visits Nepal

By the UBC GHI Nepal Sickle Cell Team     Situated on the opposite side of the globe, Nepal is a fascinating country full of history, diverse cultures, and spectacular landscapes.  This summer, a group of 12 UBC medical students traveled to the western province of Dang in rural Nepal.  Partnering with the non-profit organizations, Creating […]

Midwifery Students Gear up for Placements in Nepal and Uganda

It’s packing day at UBC’s Midwifery Office — and walking space is tight. Piles of hand-knit baby blankets and dolls line the perimeter of the main lecture room. Boxes of syringes and alcohol swabs are stacked chest-high on a nearby table. Meanwhile, students are unloading suturing kits, stethoscopes and scrubs off a dolly. “I’m hoping […]

Zimbabwe – Canada Health Initiative

Zimbabwe – Canada Health Initiative

Dr. Ray Markham and his multidisciplinary team have reached the mid point of their trip and works in Zimbabwe. He has provided us with an update on what they have experienced. Read his latest post on March 26th, 2015.

“Well we have reached the mid point! We deliberately set this as a long weekend for members of the team to have the opportunity to explore a little of this beautiful country’s culture and scenery…”

Unite for Sight: Sustainable Eye Health Delivery within Remote Ghanaian Villages

Interview with Dr. Damin J. Duffy, UBC Department of Pediatric Surgery, BC Children’s Hospital   Unite for Sight (UFS) invests human and financial capital to support social ventures aimed at eliminating preventable blindness and improving vision around the world.  UFS applies best practices in eye care, public health, volunteerism, and social entrepreneurship to achieve its […]

The Social Medicine Network BC (SMBC)

The Social Medicine Network BC (SMBC)

Interview with SMBC member Michael Stein, 3rd year UBC medical student (Class of 2015)   What is the Social Medicine Network? The Social Medicine Network is an initiative that brings together an interdisciplinary group of healthcare professionals, trainees, and community-based organizations to work together to enhance the understanding of a broad range of social factors […]