UBC Medical Students Share Their Global Health Experiences 2015/16

This past summer, over 30 first year students from the UBC Faculty of Medicine participated in Global Health Initiative projects across the globe. From conducting mental health workshops in Kenya to sickle cell disease education in Nepal and health screens at a boarding school in India, the work the students performed was as diverse as the locales they visited. One thing is for certain, though: for all of the GHI participants, their summer abroad taught them lessons that no university lecture ever could.

Learn more about their exciting stories here!

E is for Elephant: Spiti 2016 

Members of the 2016 Spiti Team, including Shandel Riedlinger, Rebecca MacLean-Angus, Alex Mezei, Megan Shurey, and Colin Tan.

An Assault on the Senses: Health Trek Nepal 2016 

(L to R) Hamish Bodnar, Vanessa Montagliani, Cara McCulloch, Joyce Ching, Laura Bruulsema, Kia DullemondNot pictured: Jingfei Zhang

One Door at a Time: Kenya 2016 

Our GHI team (Alanna Roberts, Kate McWilliams, Lauren Kan & Kelly Leslie) plus some of our amazing partners from Kenya PCT (Partners in Community Transformation) at our first mental health workshop for Community Health Workers, where we taught them about psychosis, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

A Comparison of Healthcare and Culture: Taiwan 2016 

Peter Wang with students from Taiwan and UCLA.

An Ever Changing Series of Events: Uganda ACCESS 2016

The 2016 Uganda ACCESS team: Tahreen Mohamed, Kiran Rikhraj, Khalil Merali, and Brittany Boorman.

 Shifting Focus: Nepal Sickle Cell 2016

The 2016 Nepal Sickle Cell Team: Eric Busto, Jordan Yeo, Bethanie Giang, Monica McKeown, Armaan Malhotra, Abhi Cherukupalli, Katie Stromgren, and Laura Halperin.

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