UBC Clinical Global Health Network

UBC medical students with the medical team in Mwanza, Tanzania.

UBC medical students with the medical team in Mwanza, Tanzania.

In 2013 a group of post graduate faculty members formed a network of post graduate and under-graduate programs within the school of medicine with a shared interest in global health in clinical work, research, project development and education.

The Clinical Global Health Network (CGHN) seeks to coordinate the efforts of faculty members, students, and residents in order to enhance our capacity and strengthen our Global Health undertakings by collaboration and networking. We have achieved the following:

1. Regular interdepartmental meetings of faculty involved in global health chaired by Dr. Amanda Hill (Geriatric Medicine).
2. Collaboration on pre departure training for residents who are travelling abroad to work.
3. A policy from the postgraduate dean’s office on requirements to be met by residents prior to travelling abroad.
4. An office for clinical global health with a small amount of administrative support.

We have successfully collaborated as a network to propose the development of an flexible online global health curriculum and have been awarded a TLEF grant to move this forward.  Learn more about the flexible online global health curriculum.

We will provide regular updates of our work and invite faculty members to join us or to request minutes of our meetings. If you wish to send a member of your division to our meetings please contact Jocelyn Conway by email: jocelyn.conway@ubc.ca. Please make your faculty members aware of this initiative so that people who are interested have an opportunity to get involved.


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