UBC Flexible Global Health Resource (FGHR): An invitation to participate

Submitted by Wafa Asadian


The UBC Clinical Global Health Network is currently developing the Flexible Global Health Resource (FGHR), which is a comprehensive, flexible, and curated collection of global health education materials out of pre-existing international online resources. As part of this project, we are inviting you to participate in this project as a volunteer reviewer to review some of these pre-existing resources.


FGHR aims to provide the foundational knowledge needed for students or professionals from any faculty who are interested in global health topics or preparing for a project or elective. These materials will also be available for faculty use in developing blended learning courses in global health topics related to their discipline. Specific learning objectives will be available for each resource which can either form the backbone of a credit course or provide supplemental materials for existing courses. Evaluation by learners and by faculty will inform improvements in scope and quality of the resource. The resource content will be updated annually to ensure reliability, consistency and relevance of the information. About 500 pre-existing modules and courses on various topics in global health education have been compiled. These modules and courses are in a variety of formats and lengths including:

  • Online static pdf modules including readings, images and graphs
  • Online interactive courses including videos, lectures, readings, images and graphs
  • Online one-standing interactive or static modules including videos, lectures, readings, images and graphs


As a volunteer reviewer, you will have the opportunity to learn about topics such as infectious diseases, maternal health and child health, refugee health, economics, politics, medical anthropology, and innovation. This is a unique opportunity to assist in developing a flexible, online global health resource to be used by faculty, students and professionals to broaden their understanding of global health issues and to use it in their work.


What does a volunteer reviewer need to do? Depending on your availability and your topic of interest, we will assign you some modules to review. You will be provided with a review template, an estimate of how much time each module may take to review, and detailed information about each course/module such as the length and format, assessment, availability, and username and password for the provider website if needed. You may be grouped with other reviewers to provide a collaborative review of these resources.  We will be starting the review process in early October, so please register early!  We will also accept reviewers on a rolling basis until the work is complete.


If you are interested in being a reviewer for this project, please answer the following short questions at the link- https://survey.ubc.ca/surveys/gdvpxvxmkwr86ndm38pvcsxwscm7vc/invitation-fghr/?preview=1&lang=en&TEST_DATA:


  1. Please provide your name and email address.
  2. Do you have a specific area of interest in global health (optional)?
  3. Would you like to be grouped with other reviewers to provide a collaborative review on the modules? Could you name and invite colleagues that you know who may join your group?


Please feel free to direct your questions to:

Wafa Asadian (graduate student, Faculty of Education) : w.asadian@gmail.com

Meghan Smith (Year 2 medical student, Faculty of Medicine):  mjsmith@alumni.ubc.ca

Jocelyn Conway (project manager): jocelyn.conway@ubc.ca


We would like to thank you in advance for sharing your time and expertise for the improvement of global health education at UBC. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of UBC Students via the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund.


Steering Committee:

Dr. Videsh Kapoor, Director, Global Health Initiative, Clinical Assistant Professor, Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Richard Bedell, Clinical Assistant Professor, Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Andrew Kestler, Clinical Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Medicine.

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