Pre-departure Training Workshop, March 15, 2015

The UBC Global Health Initiative is holding its annual Pre-departure Workshop on Sunday March 15th.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  RSVP is required.

Below is some important information regarding the mandatory Pre-Departure Training (PDT). Please read this email carefully and let us (or your project leaders) know if you have any questions or concerns.

There are 4 online modules you are required to complete as part of a UBC GHI project: 3 pre-departure modules, and 1 post-return module. The 3 pre-departure modules will need to be completed by March 6th in preparation for the PDT event on Sunday March 15th at 9 am. This will allow each team to discuss the modules and how the topics relate to their specific project. There is also a pre-departure checklist on the GHI website linked below that will help you track steps during your preparation process.

Module 1: Personal Health and Safety
Module 2: Cultural Competency
Module 3: Ethical Considerations of Volunteering Overseas

Module 4: Post-Return (to be completed after your project)

These modules are available on the GHI website under the resources tab ( Your CWL login is required to access the modules. The modules do not need to be completed in order.


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