Immunization Week: Monday

Hello everyone!

Immunization week started on April 27th, and we have a daily immunization-focused newsletters from the Global Health Committee at Children’s Hospital!

Here is Monday’s email: COVID-19 VACCINATION.
– Learn how many vaccine candidates there is globally.
-Learn where we are currently at.
– Learn if the COVID-19 vaccine can confer immunity.
Click this link for more details: MONDAY Immunization week
For our Friday’s email,
we were hoping to create an FAQ around immunizations, and need your help!
Do you have any burning questions about vaccines that you haven’t found the right forum to ask them in?
Are there things about vaccinations that confuse you?
Questions you’ve been asked by parents, friends or family that you didn’t really know how to answer?
Let us help you! Send your questions to
Have a good day,

The Global Health Committee 

Pediatrics Resident BC Children’s Hospital



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