Global Health Newsletter – May 2020

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the May Global Health Initiative newsletter! As with the previous newsletter, the world has seen a lot of change this month, and many nations are cautiously and slowly-reopening! We are flattening the curve!

Top Local News 

Coronavirus live updates – a great source of up-to-date news in this pandemic

250,000 front-line workers get pandemic pay boost in BC

Top World News

Coronavirus: Brazil’s daily death toll hits 1000 for the first time

Coronavirus: Hong Kong to quarantine visitors from mainland China

Amphan: Cyclone wreaks deadly havoc in India and Bangladesh

Top Medical News

New study warns of COVID-19 impact on CVD health

Stevia extract reduces signs of fatty liver disease

Study identifies gene that helps regulate cholesterol levels

Global Health Opportunities

IPE Opportunity: Curricular Survey

IFMSA Call for Trainer’s Pool

IFMSA COVID-19 Library

Medical Students Against Interpersonal Violence

Doctors for Protection from Guns

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