Global Health Newsletter – January 2020


Happy new year! Welcome to the Global Health Initiative newsletter!


Top Local News

BC government resists intervention in LNG Canada pipeline dispute

Vancouver-based TRIUMF says it has produced the “rarest drug on earth” for cancer treatment

Significant increases in health spending planned for BC


Top World News

US braces for possible “tit-for-tat” assault from Iran over general’s death

US denies it plan to withdraw from Iraq as NATO stands firm on training mission


Top Medical News

Instant HIV testing now available at Ottawa pharmacy

Scientists draw closer to a dementia vaccine

Surrey hospital to start emergency physician residency program


Global Health Opportunities 

Call for Youth PreWHA Workshop Participants and World Health Assembly Delegates

We would like to announce the opening of the call for applications for one of the main global health events of the year, the 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA) and the 8th Youth PreWHA Workshop 2020.

Click this link for more information.


Grand Challenges Canada Summer Internship

Each summer, Grand Challenges Canada (located in Toronto) welcomes passionate and driven students from a variety of disciplines to work as part of our team, through the Summer Student Program. Summer students will work in and across many within Grand Challenges Canada, based on their interests and experience. Note that as a medical student, you can negotiate to adjust the internship dates to match your schedule this summer.

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2019-20 AMEE Student Initiative Grants (Round 1)

Association for Medical Education in Europe biannual Student Initiatives Grant of up to 2000GBP. The goal of this AMEE grant is to provide a funding contribution to support student-led activities to improve health professions education in their contexts. Grant winners will receive: Financial support for a maximum of 2000 GBP per application round. AMEE may decide to split the grant between multiple winning applications as was the case in the previous cycles. A certificate of achievement from AMEE recognizing the Grant winners and appreciating their efforts in contribution to the development of the field of medical education.

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2020 IPPNW Congress, themed Disarmament, Development and Health

IPPNW recognizes the two existential threats to our planet and all of humanity – nuclear weapons and climate change. The IPPNW Congress in Mombassa, May 25-29, 2020, will be the first IPPNW World Congress ever on the African continent.

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