GHI Workshop: Asset Mapping – Conducting Community Assessments, January 26th

Date:  January 26, 2012

Hosted at the Medical Student Alumni Centre (2750 Heather Street) and videoconferenced to the distributed medical school sites.

Food at 6:30 PM. Workshop start time: 6:45 PM

VFMP: MSAC Latham Hall
IMP: MSB 131
NMP: NHSC 9-370
SMP: HSC 148

Dr. Shroff will be sharing about her international health experiences, with a focus on community asset mapping. She will speak about why community assessments are necessary, how to engage community members in addressing health issues, and how to develop culturally appropriate interventions and future sustainable projects. Afterwards, we will discuss some specific global health cases related to these ideas.

Speaker bio:

Dr Farah Shroff, PhD, is an adjunct professor in the UBC Faculty of Medicine, in Family Practice and the School of Population and Public Health. Dr. Shroff is also conducts independent research on community health, holistic health, HIV/AIDS, women’s health and various social issues.

Her book, The New Midwifery: Reflections on Renaissance and Regulation, was published in 1997. Since then, Dr. Shroff has written more about women’s health, HIV/AIDS, health policy, nursing, registered massage therapy, international health and more.  She has extensive global health experience, having worked in Nigeria, Mexico, India, Thailand and elsewhere. The main focus of her work is on Health for All: emphasizing both a) social justice and b) holistic health.

Dr Shroff lives in Vancouver with her husband and their children.

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