GHI: Refugee Health Workshop, October 17, 2012

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time:  6:30 pm

Location: VFMP: MSAC (1250 Heather St) – VC Room
IMP: MSB 131
NMP: NHSC 9-374

SMP: HSC 148 & KGH 228



In this session, we will hear from Dr. Scholtens regarding the determinants of refugee health and barriers to health care for the refugee population within Canada. She will also relate her experiences at the Bridge Clinic here in Vancouver while touching on some successes and possible improvements that can be made to better meet the needs of this population.

Dr. Martina Scholtens is medical coordinator and family physician at Bridge Refugee Clinic in Vancouver, which provides primary and preventive care to 1800 new refugees each year. Her areas of interest are prenatal care, narrative medicine and Medicine 2.0. She recently launched the Refugee Health Vancouver website (, and writes for Mothers in Medicine.

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