2020 Public Health in Colombia Scholarship – Opportunity for Medical Students

Please see below for an opportunity from Ana Maria, the Program Manager from Red Tree Study.
Please email Dr. Videsh Kapoor (videsh.kapoor@gmail.com) if you are interested.
The 2020 Public Health in Colombia Scholarship is offered by Universidad de Los Andes in partnership with Red Tree Study. This scholarship will offer recipients the chance to learn first-hand about the recent history of the Colombian conflict and its impact on healthcare provision and access within the country.
For our 2020 Public Health course, we are delighted to announce that we have a full scholarship placeto the value of $3,900 USD, as well as several smaller travel bursaries. I would be very grateful if you could share this funding opportunity with students who may be interested in joining the 2020 Public Health in Colombia course or could recommend other contacts I could reach out to whom may be interested. The scholarship includes accommodation and an airport pickup upon arrival in Bogota. Participants will need to arrange their own flights to and from Colombia, and to cover the costs of some lunchtime and evening meals.
Applications for the 2020 Public Health Scholarship are open until Friday 13 December 2019 12 PM CST. The final selection will be made by an academic board from Universidad de Los Andes.
Red Tree Study will announce the scholarship recipients on or before Friday 24 January 2020. 
Thank you for sharing the scholarship information with your students. For more information, I have attached a digital copy of the course leaflet. Do let me know if you have any questions about the program or scholarship funding, or if there is anything else that I can help you with.
Below you can find a more detailed description of our program and of Red Tree Study.
Program Details:
•       Program Name: Public Health in Colombia
•       Partner University in Colombia: Universidad de los Andes
•       Dates: 8 to 26 of June 2020
•       Location: Bogotá Colombia
•       Language: English
•       Academic Content: Run as a partnership between the School of Government and the School of Medicine at Universidad de los Andes, the course will provide students with a unique opportunity to explore the post-conflict situation in Colombia, and to learn about the healthcare system and access to healthcare provision within the country. Students will work with communities affected by the conflict, as well as the hearing from internal and external refugees to discuss their specific public health needs and challenges, and to design appropriate solutions.
•       Format: The program consists of academic sessions held in the morning at Universidad de los Andes and site visits and workshops to relevant institutions in the afternoon
About Us:
Red Tree Study works with prestigious universities in Colombia to provide high-quality academic summer programs for international students. We receive consistently excellent feedback from our students which you can read here. Our students who come from the best universities in the USA, UK, Canada and Europe. Our courses combine excellent teaching with cultural, practical, and social activities and a supportive environment to create the most enriching study abroad experience.

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